Tuesday, March 20, 2012



God is the one who gives peace. The first thing when you accept Jesus as your God what you receive is peaceful mind and self-satisfaction. 

There are two kinds of power existing in the world. To understand better take an example of the case where one works for justice and achieve it and another case where one works for injustice and achieve it. In the second case injustice at the end leads to sorrow but justice even though it has initial worries it brings joy later. So from these two cases we can understand that there exists GOOD and also BAD. But bad brings sorrow whereas good has a joyful end always.

Dear friends so we can conclude that evil also exists on earth and it too has power. Evil way may bring you initial joy but at last you’ll suffer because evil’s mission is just to distract you from Godly things and not to bring peace. 

The good power is of God, the Almighty who gives everlasting peace and comfort. God works for justice. Whoever follows His words and fear God is blessed and those who move off from Godly things will pay accordingly on the judgement day, and that day is also not so far.

GOD created man in His own image, that He loved him more than anything. That is the reason why He gave us His words in a printed form called BIBLE so that we don’t sin.
 Read all time follow every time.

 Abi Selvaraj.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Am Special


Let us first see what “special” means. When one possess something which the other doesn’t is what it basically means. But let us have a new look over it…

Speciality is not that when you do things special but when things itself happens special. It might sound a little odd but doesn’t that make you even special than before?

Certainly yes, the presence of the Almighty makes us special from the rest of other unbelievers not only in one aspect but in all we do. Isn’t that special getting things done even though we aren’t worthy of it?  Yes it is…amazing

We all know that we aren’t worthy of getting the love of Jesus but we are receiving it, just because his love is unconditional and incomparable.

Because He cares for us more than ourselves and makes us shine where ever we go. He makes us fruitful and because of Him alone we are special.
Is there anyone who is not special here??
Seek Him in all you do and be special as I am…

Abi Selvaraj.

Sunday, February 26, 2012



If it is true that you are facing situations with problems chasing you again and again …don’t worry : ) we know a person who loves us more than he loves his own blood.
Walk out in faith and see how things are going to be changed around you…
If you believe, thank God for his miracles beforehand. Expect more from God as he had promised to give us.
(Genesis 21:22)

Few months back my grandmother was attached by a dengue virus and was admitted in a hospital. There was no hope for her survival. The virus reached her heart and there wasn’t any chances for her to gain her health back to normal, was what doctors literally meant. But I had faith and cried out loud to “Jesus” and he heard it. He did miracles….which are hidden from human eyes. My grandmother is now happily living better than how she was before. I see many changes in her. My lord increased her life time just for me. This is a true incident happened in my life. Glory to God all time…Amen…..hence don’t worry leave to God and stay cool man…

Abi Selvaraj.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

No To Idol Worship

No to idol worship…. 
Are you a person who worship god in the form of idol? Then this is a must read for you to demolish your crooked way of thinking.                                                                                                                   

Here it goes…

Idol worship limits us to an internal feeling that God is just made up of stones and precious matters. And in this case what happens is people come to a decision that God’s place is only temple, so praying and behaving inside a particular area becomes their motto.

The feedback of this is, from the moment they leave the temple arena they have a feeling that God is not present everywhere except that of temple and without any fear they are tempted to commit mistakes and sins knowingly itself.

Think for a moment… If God is only limited to an idol then how He would have created this world with sun moon stars water air people animals etc. we see today…

The way of worship which tempts as to commit sins is the right way to take us to GOD?
Think now and repent…. Remember you are always watched by the GOD the only one….

Abi Selvaraj.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Jesus loves you and hence he has sent me here to write it only for you. He says He wants to make the relationship between you and Him even wider. He wants you to grow even and even more with him.
He loves you in a very special way that none other could love you so…

Not your father

Not your mother
Not your sister/brother

Not your friends
Or any other exists in this world could love you so.

His love is unique and it’s only for you. The way in which you are loved by God differs from another. But all are loved by him with uniqueness.

His mercy, grace and love are unfailing and immeasurable.

Accept him today if you yet haven’t. If troubles chase you raise your hands to believe him

Surrender today before its going to be too late…

Hope you are aware about the drastic changes in our environment which are not favoring our life on earth. If earth no longer going to support your life, where you go?


Don’t you feel it is a great pride to be with God?

I do, am totally proud about the way in which the lord works
Abi Selvaraj.